Product image 1Glass bong "Zik"
Product image 2Glass bong "Zik"

Glass bong "Zik"

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Stylish and original form is half the story, and certainly not an indicator of quality and functionality. We are pleased to present you the glass bong "ZIK", which not only amazes you and your guests with its appearance, but also highly appreciates the quality of cooling and cleaning of smoke. After all, the bonga mine is made in such an unusual form that it is nothing but an elongated path that passes the smoke from the smoking mixture, and therefore, it has much better time to cool down more qualitatively. Moreover, it is convenient to hold onto the protrusion on the bong hull, which, together with the borosilicate glass construction, will provide a higher degree of ease of use, and the degree of survivability of the device.

  • Country of manufacture: USA.
  • Material: glass.
  • Height: 40 cm.
  • Weight: 890 g.

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