Product image 1Атомайзер Serpent Mini RTA
Product image 2Атомайзер Serpent Mini RTA
Product image 3Атомайзер Serpent Mini RTA
Product image 4Атомайзер Serpent Mini RTA
Product image 5Атомайзер Serpent Mini RTA

RBA Atomizer - Serpent Mini RTA - Wotofo

Regular price $689.00

RBA Atomizer - Serpent Mini RTA - Wotofo - is snake agility in stainless design from the manufacturer Wotofo. But keep in mind that this device is considered a cigarette tank - and this means a tight cigarette puff, single coil base, low fluid flow and promises with your design a longer battery life (for such cans, large capacities are not required). The snake is extremely miniature in size and fits easily on the pin platform.


  • 2 mm terminals for coils
  • Easy installation of spirals
  • Adjustable airflow helix
  • Top dressing
  • Capacity 3 ml
  • Easy access to the spirals


  • O-Ring Set
  • Spare glass
  • Spare screws
  • Cotton wool
  • 2 Twisted spirals
  • Atomizer Serpent Mini RTA
  • Size: 22 x 40 mm

Enjoy the taste and cigarette puff with Serpent Mini RTA Bacomizer - Wotofo which you can buy from us in the store, or place an order on the website.

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