Product image 1Бакомайзер AMMIT Dual Coil RTA - Geekvape
Product image 2Бакомайзер AMMIT Dual Coil RTA - Geekvape
Product image 3Бакомайзер AMMIT Dual Coil RTA - Geekvape

RBA Atomizer - AMMIT Dual Coil RTA - Geekvape

Regular price $950.00

The AMMIT Dual Coil RTA - Geekvape Bakomizer is an interesting maintained tank that is a Geevkvape single-spiral AMMIT receiver. I would like to ask a question to Geekvape, why not make a two-spiral tank in advance? But this is more of a question for marketers, because there were no markings in the past generation about the fact that it was a cigarette tank or MTL was not. But if you compare the new AMMIT with its predecessor, you understand that in this case, the preparation for production is clearly at a different level. Spherical processing of the dome, an interesting approach to blowing, a good base for spirals without racks. A well-knit device in which you feel a long Geekvape experience and a nice price.


  • Size: 48 mm x 25 mm
  • Spherical dome treatment
  • Possibility of increasing the volume from 3 ml to 6 ml
  • Drain-free base for spirals
  • 510-driptip from Ultem
  • Lower-side airflow in helix
  • Gold plated pin


  • AMMIT Dual Coil RTA - Geekvape
  • 3 ml replacement glass
  • 6 ml replacement glass
  • O-Ring Set
  • Screwdriver
  • Adapter ring for 6 ml glass

Become a master of steam or a cloud monster with AMMIT Dual Coil RTA - Geekvape which you can buy from us in the store or place an order on our website.

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