Product image 1Бакомайзер Berserker Mini MTL RTA - VandyVape
Product image 2Бакомайзер Berserker Mini MTL RTA - VandyVape

RBA Atomizer - Berserker Mini MTL RTA - VandyVape

Regular price $1,090.00

Bacomizer Berserker Mini MTL RTA - VandyVapes is a cigarette bacomizer for fans of taut cigarette puffs created by the joint efforts of the manufacturer Vandy Vape and the vape blogger AlexVapersMD. Such collabs are not new in the world of vaping devices, but in this case the result turned out to be extremely fruitful. A pleasantly priced version of the atomizer with an interesting bundle. Thanks to the two versions of the dome coming in the configuration, the device can be customized for the volume of liquid. What about the base? It feels like we have already seen this base somewhere, and according to Alex himself, the prototype of Subtank’s base became the prototype. The installation of the spirals takes place with the help of two tightening screws. Blowing tank bottom, with 5 sizes of air intake openings. Thanks to this base design, the device is extremely economical to waste liquid, and does not require a powerful device from you.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Device diameter: 24mm
  • Height:
  • Volume: 2 / 4.5 ml
  • Single base
  • Top dressing
  • Single base (two stands)
  • Blowing hole: ∅1.4mm
  • Five air intake holes: ∅0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.4 / 1.6mm
  • Conical dome shape
  • ULTEM Flask (2ml mini version)
  • Flask of borosilicate glass (an expanded version of 4.5 ml)
  • Two 510 driptypes

You can always enjoy the Berserker Mini MTL RTA - VandyVape cigarette maker, you can buy from us in the store or place an order online.

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