Product image 1Бакомайзер Manta RTA - Advaken
Product image 2Бакомайзер Manta RTA - Advaken
Product image 3Бакомайзер Manta RTA - Advaken
Product image 4Бакомайзер Manta RTA - Advaken

RBA Atomizer Manta RTA - Advaken

Regular price $42.00

The Manta RTA - Advaken Tankomizer - Chinese manufacturers again have their work done, are again amazed by their work and are already crowding US manufacturers, for example, Mantoux is compared to taste with Reload PTA. The build quality and well-knit design of the device fully characterize this tank. And what to taste? Due to the development base itself with the lower side blowing of the spiral and the spherical processing of the dome, the transfer of taste of the device will please many, and maybe even amaze. Probably the only disadvantage is the rather inconvenient top-cap of the refueling cap, even with the help of special notches it is quite problematic to fill the tank with wetted fingers. But for such a frivolous minus - you get an excellent device at a fairly pleasant price and functionality.


  • Top dressing
  • 810-driptip from Ultem
  • Spherical dome treatment
  • Lower air intake
  • Lower-side airflow in helix
  • Dimensions: 51.6 x 24 mm
  • Gold-plated adjustable pin
  • Complete with a convex glass
  • Tank volume 3 / 4.5 ml depending on glass


  • Screwdriver
  • O-ring set
  • Replaceable glass
  • Convex glass

Become an avatar of steam or a master of clouds with the tanker Manta RTA - Advaken, which you can buy from us in the store, or place an order online

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