Incense sticks - Juicy Jay "Mango Papaya"

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Juicy Jay "Mango Papaya" incenses are special incense sticks created to brighten the smoking process and turn the trivial smoking process into a whole ritual. Power Juicy J for the production of aromatic sticks in Thailand. And Thailand is famous for its Buddhist history, so you can trust the correct transfer of smell. Juicy Jay sticks effectively kill the smell of tobacco, smoking mixtures and leave behind a pleasant smell. Light a couple of candles, create a subdued light and surround yourself with the scents and atmosphere of a real “nirvanna”. In the packaging of as many as 20 aroma sticks. enough just to comprehend jana.

  • Quantity in the pack: 20 pieces
  • Aroma: mango and papaya
  • Country of origin: Thailand

Understand nirvana with Juicy Jay "Mango Papaya" incense that you can buy from us in the shop at Bolshaya Vasylkovskaya 110, or place your order on our website with delivery throughout Ukraine.

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