Product image 1Наперсток "Маска"
Product image 2Наперсток "Маска"

Bottle cap "Mask"

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The "Mask" thimble is a ceramic thimble that pays tribute to totemism. It will appeal to fans of the New Zealander tradition and culture. If your body is covered with patterns and tattoos, and before each battle you demonstrate language and perform Maori ritual dance, then this is definitely your friend forever. A thimble is made of ceramic capable of withstanding long sessions and smoking temperatures. The size of the thimble does not take up much space, it fits easily in your pocket and fits into the usual neck of drinking water.

  • Material: ceramics
  • Sizes: 4.5 x 2.5 cm.

"in our store, or ask our shamans and place an order on the site.

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