Product image 1Бумага для самокруток "Juicy Jay's Banana" 1 1/4
Product image 2Бумага для самокруток "Juicy Jay's Banana" 1 1/4

Rolling papers "Juicy Jay's Banana" King Size Slim

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Rolling papers "Juicy Jay's Banana" 1 1/4 - this is your chance to plunge into the taste pleasure from the process of smoking. If your soul misses banana cocktails or you just love exotic fruits, dream of sandy shores and want to feel and understand the beauty of the tropic, Juicy Jay's roll-ups will come to your aid. After all, this paper goes through a triple stage of flavoring and is completely environmentally friendly. If you want a feeling of exotic and tropical fruits, then you definitely should try this paper.

  • Size: 76 x 45 mm
  • Packing: 32 pieces of paper
  • Aroma: Banana
  • Fabric material: industrial hemp

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