Product image 1Бумага для самокруток "Juicy Jay's Birthday Papers" King Size
Product image 2Бумага для самокруток "Juicy Jay's Birthday Papers" King Size

Rolling papers "Juicy Jay's Birthday Papers" King Size

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Wanted to arrange an unscheduled birthday? Do you want to blow out candles and taste a birthday cake? That's it for these lovers of sweet and festive events Juicy Jay's brand created these roll-up papers. The paper goes through a 3-fold flavoring process. Due to this, the paper retains the taste of cake and pastries for a long time, and the rich taste gives the tobacco a soft and pleasant taste. Would you like to arrange a holiday for yourself, feel the atmosphere of celebration, or please your friend? Then the roll paper "Juicy Jay's Birthday Papers" King Size is your choice!

  • Size: 110 x 44 mm (King Size Slim)
  • Packing: 40 pieces of paper
  • Aroma: Baking and Cookies
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