Product image 1Бумага для самокруток "Juicy Jay's Candy can" 1 1/4
Product image 2Бумага для самокруток "Juicy Jay's Candy can" 1 1/4

Rolling papers "Juicy Jay's Candy cane" King Size Slim

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The roll-up paper "Juicy Jay's Candy cane" 1 1/4 is a roll-up paper, though not the easiest. Made from special recycled industrial hemp into a paper web. Think it all? Not so fast! The most important feature of this paper is the process of 3-fold flavoring. It is because of this feature that Juicy Jay's paper has gained worldwide popularity. The powerful aroma of sweets from paper that does not erode for a very long time and improves the taste when smoking. There is a desire to feel the taste of colorful fairground New Year sweets and sweets? This paper is fully capable of satisfying your desires.

  • Size: 76 x 45 mm
  • Packing: 32 pieces of paper
  • Fabric material: industrial hemp
  • Aroma: Taste of Candy

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