Product image 1Дрипка Druga RDA - Augvape
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Product image 3Дрипка Druga RDA - Augvape

RDA Atomizer - Augvape "Druga RDA"

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Drip atomizer Druga RDA - Augvape is a great challenger that can be a substitute for any drip. It would seem - are you serious? Replacing my * name of the drip *? The argument for this can serve as a very convenient system for the installation of a coils realized in our opinion, realized with the help of two gold-plated nuts, removing which you can detect a thread with a groove in the middle, these are our contacts for the spirals. The width of these grooves is 2 mm, so the installation of simple spirals will be simple, but with porn-coils on a thick frame you will have to sweat. The driptip of the RDA is made from Ulthem. Ulthem is a kind of acrylic plastic, oriented to work with high temperatures, which will not allow the driptip to heat up and burn lips. And the latest trump card in Druga RDA is an additional gold-plated pin. Externally, extremely tiny Dripka, well-knit design and premium processing, and she has a chance to stay with you forever!

  • Size: 30 x 24 mm
  • Equipment:
  • Driptip from Ultham
  • O-Ring Set
  • Drip atomizer "Druga RDA" 
  • Hexahedron
  • A set of additional screws
  • Pin for SQUONK MODs

A premium build quality, a pleasant and convenient Druga RDA - Augvape construction, which you can buy from us in the store, or when placing an order on the site.

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