Product image 1Бакомайзер iJoy Limitless XL RTA Tank
Product image 2Бакомайзер iJoy Limitless XL RTA Tank
Product image 3Бакомайзер iJoy Limitless XL RTA Tank
Product image 4Бакомайзер iJoy Limitless XL RTA Tank
Product image 5Бакомайзер iJoy Limitless XL RTA Tank

RBA Atomizer - iJoy Limitless XL RTA Tank

Regular price $1,099.00

iJOY Limitless XL - another tank from the company Limitless. Much attention is attracted by "protection" of the dome, the structure of which consists of the letters «XL». One of the advantages of the atomizer - that the tank can be both served and not served, as well as the different variations of the evaporators. Inside the tank, the volume of the evaporating elements little space, so you can upset the volume, total 4 ml. By blowing spirals guys came very specific, blowing holes are in a connector site similar blowout we can see from the Goblin mini. But with such blowing problems may arise, such as leakage fluid. Included you will find: a screwdriver, two serviced basis, for one and two spiral evaporator with resistance 0.15 ohm, the adapter under 510y Drip-type replacement Oring, bolts and glass.


  • Diameter: 25mm
  • Capacity: 4 ml
  • Material: Stainless Steel and Silica Glass
  • Upper refueling system
  • Maximum number of spirals: 2
  • Air intake: lower side
  • Resistance: customizable
  • Ready 0.15 ohm light-up coil (50 - 215W)
  • Connector: 510, 24K Gold Plated
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