Blunt papers - Juicy J Banana Split

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Blunt papers - Juicy Jay Banana Split is a special type of wrapping paper for smokers. Blanta paper is made from special paper. The material for which was hemp linen, or tobacco leaf which is flavored by a very interesting method. The technology consists in a three-fold process of flavoring. The paper is soaked with flavoring and hold it for about a week in the bath. This procedure will be repeated as much as 3 times in connection with which the Juicy Jay blends do not disappear, even during long-term storage. In this case, the dessert for the flavor was Banana Split or Banana Split - a sweetness loved by the Americans. The dessert recipe consists of sliced ​​banana in a sweet sauce and ice cream with berries. Simple but at the same time very tasty.

  • In the package: 2 sheets
  • Linen Material: Tobacco Leaf
  • Aroma: Banana dessert
  • Size: 110 x 55 mm

You can always buy blanches Juicy Jay Banana Split in our store on Bolshaya Vasylkovskaya 110, or place an order on our website with delivery throughout Ukraine.

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