Cones - Juicy Jay "Watermelon"

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Juicy Jay "Watermelon" cones - the most delicious Juicy J paper is now in the format of already twisted cones. If you have never heard of Juicy J products, then this is the best option in order to understand what approach the manufacturer has to the production of smoking paper. Juicy J The size of the joints is 1 1/4 standard. A pleasant surprise is also the fact that all joints are twisted with a reusable wooden mouthpiece. And do not forget that Juicy J uses a mixture of rice and hemp paper, so you smoke the most natural and safe type of paper without any impurities or anything else.

  • Taste: Watermelon
  • Pack quantity: 2 cones with wooden mouthpiece

Enjoy smoking with Juicy Jay "Watermelon" joints which you can buy in our store or place an order on our website.

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