Product image 1Блант Juicy Super Wrap Red Alert
Product image 2Блант Juicy Super Wrap Red Alert

Pre-rolled blunt - Juicy J Super Wrap Red Alert

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Pre-rolled blunt - Juicy J Super Wrap Red Alert - the largest sheet of blante paper. Pre-rolled tobacco leaf cone processed using Tripe-Dip technology business card manufacturer Juicy. We do not know how much tobacco or smoking mixture can fully fit this super-blunt. According to the comments that we found on the net, at least a whole ounce can be hammered into a cone from this blant (But this is not certain). If you are a powerful smoker, or you have a specific smoking session with friends - then why not?) In any case, you can cut this paper into smaller sheets for your blanks. The flavor for this blanth was the taste of strawberries and red berries.

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