Product image 1Кальян "JAAMBOO LARGE SMOKE"
Product image 2Кальян "JAAMBOO LARGE SMOKE"
Product image 3Кальян "JAAMBOO LARGE SMOKE"
Product image 4Кальян "JAAMBOO LARGE SMOKE"

Hookah "Jaamboo ST-01C"

Regular price $123.00

"Ohh that's my dawg," Big Smoke would say, prompting this hookah (character from the GTA series). A Big Smoke bullshit will not say. The height of the device reaches as much as 80 cm, and if the size of your lungs allows you, you can recreate a particular smoke screen with the smell of your favorite tobacco. A wide flask will make the hookah stand firmly on its feet, and with such a high-quality stainless steel shaft, the smoke coming out of the hookah "JAAMBOO ST-01C" will be well cooled - "Ice-Cold Killa!", Big Smoke says. Roll up with such a giant on Grow Street, and you will be greeted by a gang of green flowers. Connection type "Click" will allow you to easily disconnect the hose. A complete set will allow you not to think about buying additional parts.

Hergestellt in Deutschland
  • Hookah height: 80 cm
  • Connection type "Click"
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Full set

You can always buy a hookah “JAAMBOO ST-01C”, or choose another model you like, by visiting our store in Kiev or making an online order on our website.

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