Product image 1Кальян "JAAMBOO SMOKE"
Product image 2Кальян "JAAMBOO SMOKE"

Hookah "JAAMBOO ST-02C"

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Hookah "JAAMBOO ST-02C" - rider smoky apocalypse. He is tall, handsome, strong and more than anyone else confident in himself and his abilities. The stainless steel mine, like a weighty shield of the Spartans, keeps the impact and will easily cope with the breath of the dragon. The height of the device ends in 80 centimeters and will be able to cool the smoke to a soft and pleasant fiber of steam. Manufacturers have created an interesting system of mine connections with thread and magnetized ports. Full set will free you from the need to buy something for a hookah, well, except for tobacco and coal, of course - you can buy from us!)

Hergestellt in Deutschland

  • Height: 80 cm
  • Connection: type "click"
  • Mine material: Stainless steel
  • Full set
  • In the flask there is a recess under the LED-lamp

You can always buy a hookah “JAAMBOO ST-02C”, or choose another model you like, by visiting our store in Kiev or making an online order on our website.

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