Product image 1Кальян  "JAAMBOO STYLE"
Product image 2Кальян  "JAAMBOO STYLE"

Hookah "JAMBOO MGN64P"

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Any interior of your room will become a stylish part of the hookah "JAAMBOO MGN64P".

Classic form in a modern version. For conservative smoking lovers through a hookah. Details that you will not notice immediately, dramatically distinguish it from other analogues in the world of hookahs. Threaded connection will provide the necessary tightness and relieve you from anxiety over the condition of the gaskets, which is a frequent "disease" in similar devices. An additional filter for molasses, cleans the smoke and does not allow the syrup from tobacco to penetrate deep into the mines and flasks, which promises a long life and operation of the device. Thanks to the good length of the shaft, they provide an easy and pleasant tightening, ideal for relaxing smoking on a sofa, for example.

  • Hergestellt in Deutschland
  • Height: 75 cm
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Threaded connection
  • Light traction

You can always buy a hookah “JAAMBOO STYLE”, or choose another model you like, by visiting our store in Kiev or making an online order on our website.

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