Product image 1Металлическая Трубка "Большой замок"
Product image 2Металлическая Трубка "Большой замок"
Product image 3Металлическая Трубка "Большой замок"
Product image 4Металлическая Трубка "Большой замок"
Product image 5Металлическая Трубка "Большой замок"

Metallic Pipe "Big lock"

Regular price $15.00

Metal Tube "Big Lock" - a convenient version of the tube, seemingly unremarkable lock on a backpack or for example on a bag. But just in one motion you get the most that you eat a natural smoking device. The combustion chamber at the tube will satisfy the needs of even experienced smokers and stoners. Since the tube is fully collapsible cleaning problems will not arise! Convenient, besplatno and most importantly practical!

  • Material: metal
  • Dimensions: 13 x 4 cm
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