Product image 1Фильтры для самокруток "Raw Gummed Tips"
Product image 2Фильтры для самокруток "Raw Gummed Tips"

Filter tips - "Raw Gummed Tips"

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Filter tips "Raw Gummed Tips" "Raw Gummed Tips" - a set of filters for self-twisting. 33 perforated sheets of organic cellulose with gluten extracted from the plant gum arabic. For lovers of their own to prepare a roll-up or prepare a powerful junction or blunt. Recall that RAW products are respected around the world precisely for their special approach to their products. Cellulose cloth is not bleached, and they try to preserve the original brown color of the paper. After all, the bleaching process uses chemical elements (mainly chlorine), which contradicts the basic principle of RAW.

  • In packing: 33 pieces
  • Dimensions: 60 x 20 mm

Approach the process of spinning as an artist with filters for roll-ups "Raw Gummed Tips" which you can buy in our store, or place an order on our website.

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