Product image 1Мод SMOK Alien Mod 220W
Product image 2Мод SMOK Alien Mod 220W
Product image 3Мод SMOK Alien Mod 220W
Product image 4Мод SMOK Alien Mod 220W
Product image 5Мод SMOK Alien Mod 220W

Box-mod - SMOK Alien Mod 220W

Regular price $64.00

The well-known company SMOK released a mod that won vape market. This device is compact size, great in the hand and looks just gorgeous. Most importantly, we are waiting for bathers on the quality of fashion - performance. Company SMOKTech once again their fans by giving them a high quality device.

Characteristic:Manufacturer: SMOK;

  • Model: Alien Mod;
  • Battery type: 18650;
  • The range of adjustable power: from 1 to 220W;
  • Controlled voltage range from 0.5 to 8 V;
  • Supported atomizer resistance: 0.1 Ω-3Ω (Varivatta mode) / 0.06 Ω-2Ω (temperature control mode)
  • Temperature limit: 200 to 600 ° F / 100 - 315 ° C;
  • Size: 85h44h28.4 mm;
  • Black color.
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