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RTA Atomizer - SMOK TFV12 Tank

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SMOK TFV12 - a new model, which is notable for its power and diameter. 27 mm in diameter - this is not a joke, not every battery mod to cope with such a clearomizer. Buck, in turn, is ready to consume hundreds of watts of power, a lot, agree!

But that's not all, as the SMOK TFV12 is ready to surprise and amaze. For example, it can "flash" the V12 series evaporators, among which you can find even V12-Q4 (four coils), V12-T12 (12 coils), V12-X4 (4 spirals). It is not strange that they called him “CLOUD BEAST KING”, because this is truly an indomitable element!

Appearance TFV12 SMOK

As for the design of the device, there are no fundamental changes. Everything is functional and thoughtful. Since this is the king of clouds of steam, then he will have a characteristic appearance: a large drip-type and intake openings. A couple does not happen much!

There is a slight difference in the atomizer, for example, oblique lines (rather than vertical), to provide better grip when parsing the device. The height was 1 mm larger, and the width changed much more significantly, so the TFV12 SMOK is also suitable for powerful blocks.

In addition, SMOK presented to the public and a new line of replaceable evaporators, also called V12. And also the vape band with the name of the novelty can be included in the kit with the clearomizer. As for the stability of the surface of the device, everything is thought out here, so even the most careless treatment does not harm the device and does not spoil its presentable appearance.

TFV12 - Cloud Beast King is available in four colors:

  1. Black;
  2. Steel;
  3. Gold;
  4. Rainbow.

Building TFV12 SMOK

Although the top mode is very large, the connector is 510 format. Therefore, choosing a battery mod, you only need to pay attention to whether there is enough space for TFV12 on the top panel. And, of course, take into account the ability of the mod to produce 200W. One of the most powerful atomizers is made, given Health-Care technologies and materials, so there can no longer be any complaints, because the device does not contain any toxic elements, does not emit any impurities, etc. Moreover, manufacturers have focused on reliability, so the material for the clearomizer is strong steel, Pyrex glass and Delrin plastic. Also, the device is protected from leakage and is equipped with an upper dressing, which makes it convenient and easy to use.

The TFV12 SMOK is a device for operation at high power, for example, up to 350W. It can hold 6 ml of e-liquid, which is not very much for a long time!

Technical characteristics of a RTA Atomizer SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King:

  • Tank capacity: 6ml;
  • Connector: 510 steel;
  • Pin: Steel (not adjustable);
  • Driptip: removable (delrin);
  • Case: stainless steel;
  • Flask: glass (Pyrex Glass);
  • Airflow: adjustable;
  • Refueling: top;
  • Height: 70mm;
  • Diameter: 27mm;
  • Weight: 89g;
  • Color: black / steel / gold / rainbow.

SMOK Clear Bean King Clearomizer TFV12:

  • Clearomizer SMOK TFV12;
  • Spare glass flask;
  • Preloaded evaporator V12-T12 0.12ohm;
  • Spare evaporator V12-X4 0.15ohm;
  • Spare evaporator V12-Q4 0.15ohm;
  • Spare parts (oringi);
  • Adapter on 510 driptyp;
  • Vape Band;
  • Instruction;
  • Packaging.
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