Glass pipe "Helix"

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Glass pipe "Helix" - the screw tube is made of quality glass, easy to use and maintain. It is not a shame to give such a tube or just to get it for home gatherings.

The "Helix" glass tube is a helix that will hypnotize your look during the smoking process. Twisted "Helix" accompanies its spiral throughout the tube. Dark blue glass will remind you of a soothing ear wave. The white band resembles a fluffy foam from the waves of the sea and you are already feeling peace and the sea breeze. The borosilicate glass tube is made, which has already become the standard for all glass tubes. The small size and interesting shape easily fits in your hand. At the side of the bowl there is a turbo hole for the final stage of smoking. You will be able to touch the sea ocean in our store, to acquire such one does not promise big problems for your wallet - after all, the price is just superb.

  • Material: Glass
  • Length: 11 cm

You can always buy a glass tube "Helix" in our store, or you can place an order with us directly on the site.

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