Product image 1Glass Water Pipe "Alchemist"
Product image 2Glass Water Pipe "Alchemist"

Glass Water Pipe "Alchemist"

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This model is focused primarily on the circle of users who made their choice based on the priorities of exclusivity and quality. Structurally made of borosilicate glass, therefore never fragile. This means that it is thoroughly stronger and more durable than many of its fellows. Water Pipe "ALCHEMIST" will be able to please with distinctive features that will necessarily interest and greatly delight the sophisticated public in this matter. At the same time, the bong itself is high-tech and especially beautiful. With all his appearance, he hints to the user that he has a laboratory spirit, an advanced technique of use and secret developments.

  • Material: glass.
  • Diameter: 18 mm.
  • Height: 33 cm.
  • Weight: 856 g

You can always purchase glass water pipe "ALCHEMIST", or choose another model you like, by visiting our store or making an online order on our website.

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