Glass Hookah - Frut

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Hookah from glass in the case "Frut" - as you know from the name, the hookah is made of glass, but not simple and borosilicate, and comes in a practical case for transportation. As they say - "he took and carried." Full set of kit contains everything you need to smoke. Thanks to the two ports for connecting the hose, you can smoke from two pipes, which will be a nice plus when smoking in the company of friends. Among our range of glass hookahs, this one has the lowest weight and more modest dimensions. Connecting ports eliminate the use of seals, thanks to a system based on "lapping". In these places, thanks to a specially applied abrasive - you can not worry about the tightness of the glass hookah in the "Frut" case. Use this hookah in places of concentration of light, for example under neon lamps and the smoking process will resemble magic.


  • Material: Glass
  • Bulb weight: 1000 g
  • The height of the flask: 23 cm
  • Overall height: 43 cm
  • Thickness: 2.5 mm


  • Case
  • Flask
  • Mine
  • Saucer
  • Bowl
  • Hose - 1 pc
  • Plugs - 2 pcs
  • Glass mesh

You can always buy a glass hookah in the "Frut" case, or choose another model you like by visiting our store in Kiev or making an online order on our website.

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