Acrylic Water Pipe with adapter "TopPuff"

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Acrylic pipe with adapter "TopPuff" - the most marching, the most convenient option to create your own water pipe, the main thing is to find a suitable bottle! Thanks to a special thread for a bottleneck, you will get a water pipe from any bottle. We insert the glass adapter that comes with the kit into the hole in the tube, we take water into the bottle to such a level that the adapter is submerged 1.5 - 3 cm into the water, we wind the resulting construction on the bottle thread - and voila the water pipe is ready! Acrylic material which served for the construction will not break in case of a fall, but with a glass adapter you need to be careful.

  • Material: acrylic and glass
  • Adapter length: 15 cm
  • Tube length: 13 cm

You can buy an acrylic tube with an adapter "TopPuff" in our store or just place an order on our website.

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