Product image 1Трубка с холодогеном
Product image 2Трубка с холодогеном

Hookah Hose with cooler

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Hookah mouthpice with coolant -  is a silicone tube with a special gel filler, the “cold agent”. Similar hoses and lotions are becoming more and more popular. in the sphere of hookah. Powerful cooling will be more convenient than ever on hot and hot evenings. It is also worth mentioning that thanks to the semi-transparent hose, you can see a flowing stream of smoke emanating from the calyx mine. The length will allow you to comfortably sit near the hookah and the elasticity of the material of the hose will give the necessary maneuverability. The hose is made of special medical silicone which does not emit odor and harmful impurities when heated.

  • Hose Length: 1.5 m
  • Material: Medical Silicone
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