Product image 1Трубка силиконовая "Радуга"
Product image 2Трубка силиконовая "Радуга"

Silicone pipe "Rainbow"

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Silicone material in smokers has appeared quite recently, but in just a few years it has gained serious demand, as well as popularity. Silicone bongs, bowls, prekulers, ash traps began to appear. And of course, silicone has not bypassed the side of the tube, and the silicone tube "Rainbow" is the clearest example among these. What is remarkable silicone in the world of smoking? First of all, you can not be afraid of dropping it, hitting it, doubting it in your pocket. Extremely practical isn't it? Plus silicone is extremely easy to clean. The truth will have to give up alcohol and aggressive detergents. It is better to use the classic dishwashing detergent. Included with the tube is a small metal mesh, so that all your smoking mixture does not get into your mouth when tightening.

  • Material: silicone
  • Length: 7 cm

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