Product image 1Трубка стеклянная "Flou"
Product image 2Трубка стеклянная "Flou"
Product image 3Трубка стеклянная "Flou"

Glass pipe "Flou"

Regular price $22.00

Glass pipe "Flou" -  is a glass pipe that creates a foggy and blurry cloud of conjectures and impressions of what the creators of this tube tried to portray. Flou - from French means vagueness. And we have a lot of guesswork about what is hiding in the colors of this tube. Someone saw pieces of pink quartz here, someone claims that it is cosmic dust or a scattering of stars in the galaxy of the Milky Way, someone sees in the tube salty oceans and migration of cold and warm waters on planet Earth. This is what this miniature glass tube takes. It was produced in the USA and only one thing can be said about quality - it is very good.

  • Material: Glass
  • Length: 10.5 cm

Try to guess what is hidden in this abstract beauty. After all, you can always buy this glass tube "Flou" in our store, well, or by placing an order on our website.

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