Product image 1Трубка стеклянная "Peerless"
Product image 2Трубка стеклянная "Peerless"
Product image 3Трубка стеклянная "Peerless"

Glass pipe "Peerless"

Regular price $14.00

Glass pipe "Peerless" - immaculate or incomparable. Constructive as simple as two fingers because of what it is very easy to wash, the form easily fits in your hand and causes only a pleasant feeling. Already feel what sensation does this device make you? And take a look at the beauty of the spirals carefully placed inside the glassblower. Therefore, if you are experiencing a love for OneHitter straight pipes, then this is undoubtedly the device you are looking for. Perfect quality from US manufacturers. But remember that each tube is unique, the picture may be different from what is in the photo. So you also get a unique tube that has its own pattern.

  • Length: 8 cm
  • Material: Glass
  • Country of manufacture: USA

You can always buy a glass "Peerless" in our store, or place an order on our website.

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